Video Interpretations of the American Revolution.

I watched all the videos on module six and it is clear they are extremely biased. I understand that the first three videos were directed towards children but wow, they really made Britain seem like an evil Stepmom. I thought the moldy and narrative was really catchy and thought it was an easy and entertaining way to get a very very general view on the American Revolution and events that happened before that. The first video made it seem like the british let the colonists make some money and when it was profitable, take all of it. Although some part of this is true, it made it seem like the King took all the money away and left everyone poor. As we learned on class, this wasn’t the case and I thought it was really selfish that the colonists had a way lower tax rate but they acted like it was the end of the world. To be honest, I felt that the taxation maybe got a bit extreme BUT iT seemed fair. If I am protecting you, and helped you out in war, you better give me some profit. I feel like the moral of the story is that there was not a villain or hero. Both sides took advantage of each other and tried to do everything in their power to get more money/power. Although I did find crashcourse to be helpful and provide some more insight on the topic!