Response to Black Robe (module 2)

Black Robe was a very entertaining but eye opening movie. I felt like the graphic scenes made these movie more realistic and added more character to the movie itself. Throughout the movie I just found it difficult to detach myself from the 2010’s mentality and try to emerge into what they were thinking and feeling based their knowledge at the time. There were some parts where the Indians were portrayed as animal like creatures but when you really learn about the history it seems like them movie depicted them as the antagonists. I think they tried to make it an entertaining story long with facts and a learning outcome but I don’t believe they did a very good job. They had to make someone the bad guy and the good guy to make it an interesting story but that took away from the actual facts which affected the learning outcome that seemed they wanted the watcher to have. I just feel like movies like these are the ones that mislead and lead people to create rumors or false information on a historical event. Overall it was an enjoyable movie and I got really invested in the love story but do not recommend for historical learning purposes.