Federalists Vs. Antifederalists

It is very interesting to learn abut this division between Federalists and Antifederalists. It seemed like most picked sides to their convenience, expect those who stay neutral. I left myself wondering what would be my position if I lived in that time. Based on my heritage I would probably be fighting the Spanish in Mexico but I for the sake of this scenario I will be putting myself in the shoes of a powerful man who owns many slaves. I think In this scenario I would be an antifederalists. I believe if I made a living from owning slaves and working my farm, I would want the state to hold more power because if people on more urban states would’ve gotten ideas against the way I make my living, I would feel like a had more protection because we all know some states were largely rural with farms and other largely urban and so I think I would’ve understood that I was different from the Urban people and at some point they would have revolutionary ideas I would have disagreed on. But if I’m being honest, If I was a slave owner not too involved with politics, I would just be antifederalists so that things just wouldn’t change. I think some antifederalists knew there was some┬áchanges to be made but they were satisfied way the way things were and although I think there were a lot of changes that needed to be made but a framer slave owner would not have had the mindset that I would not have, they would not understand what I understand and the other way around. I think all they knew was what they have known and since they didn’t know better, they would’ve not wanted change.