The Jesuit Relations (Module 2)

The Jesuit Relations is a primary source from European Perspective. I decided to focus on a small portions that focused on Indians. The part that I decided to focus on was in the introduction and was titled “The Indians.” I was expecting this entry to be very biased, say horrible things about indians and just bash them. In the portion I read it was actually very informative. It didn’t feel like story but in fact just a piece of writing showcasing the observations the Europeans had about the Indians. It mentioned how the indians had many languages and although some of them were savages, it made me think the Europeans thought of them as complex humans and not wild animals. This writing somewhat contradicts what I thought Europeans thought of Indians. I always depicted Europeans at that time as people who felt superior and had no respect or empathy towards Indians but I guess it depends on who you were and the purpose you had to explore the new land. It is a very extensive piece of writing and I believe it is incredible we have these primary sources today that can help historians better understand the encounters between europeans and Indians.


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